Sunday 3 April 2011

Facebook automatic like/repost spam.

ARGH... This is the third time it has happened now to me, and to anyone else - WATCH OUT!

Basically, one of my friends posted this article...

Despite the slightly gruesome nature, I was really interested in what it was so I clicked on it and it took me to the following page:

Now, the first thing I did was click play. The screen flashed which was a little weird and the video started. Everything was good... However, I could swear that the video is fake/a set up and not genuine though (thankfully!).

Anyway, I went back to Facebook to write that and then I noticed I was writing it on my own entry! It had posted a link (the same as my friend's one) on my wall.

I immediately deleted it and after I took a look at the site again, I noticed it wasn't You Tube, it was "Fou Tube" and a fake domain of "".

It looks like the way it is achieved is simply by a bunch of Facebook Like buttons on an insivible/underlayed DIV...

I really hope Facebook do something as this is really annoying and I see this as a real growing trend at the moment.

(FYI to anyone who may be able to do anything - the link from the like post is and the actual domain/where it forwards to is )


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