Thursday 11 February 2010

BT peak hours change

Just seen the interview with a man from BT on Working Lunch Iplayer Link (Valid for 7 Days).

Basically, BT are changing the off peak hours from its current time of 6PM-6AM to a new time of 7PM-7AM.

What a load of rubbish! I understand what the bloke from BT was saying on the show - and on Working Lunch, the figures were about making call every day - however, I am not that different.

I usually make a 10-20 minute call every other day at around 6:30, this is currently completely free with BT - now I will be paying about £15 a month for these calls unless I sign up to their any time package at £4.99 a month.

I think that is just a way of getting cash from people who do not know about this change or a way of forcing people on to their £4.99 a tariff.

I have long hated BT, but I am on a LLU internet package that I love and there is little other choice. Personally, I think I would rather change my habit and make my calls after 7:00 instead rather than give a penny more to BT. How they can defend their position and say that not many people make calls straight after 6:00, I have no idea.