Sunday 18 January 2009

Colbert Report.... Wag of my finger to the FX channel!

no update in a while...

I did not want to have a blog that just had things that annoy me, which is why I tried to post the good story below, however there are just far to many things that do annoy me... so guess this this blog will just turn in to my outlet!

Anyway, I love watching the Colbert Report on FX as well as looking at some good clips on however recently, it is blocked to everyone in the UK :(

However, for some reason, still works for John Stewart's show. I can only guess that this is FX's fault.

What is even more annoying is that they already edit the show (cuts, skips e.t.c.) and yet they leave in the advert at the end where they advertise the website and the fact you can watch it online!

Come on, allow it in the UK again!?


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  2. Censorship is always hard. You can't be good to anyone. And sometimes censorship and banning is a need. Especially when your country is in hard situation. That's why I understand censorship and banning in countries such as Ukraine or Pakistan. But UK? Really? I don't think that Colbert Report has something against UK. The only harm he did to me - is that I always forgot to do my essay while watching his show.

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